Cybersecurity – Educate your team in 10 Minutes

Ransomeware is one of the top threats for businesses and educating your team on Cybersecurity is the best way to avoid it.

50% of targeted businesses are small to medium size entities.

Alarmingly, 1 in 5 businesses that are hit by Ransomeware will cease trading as a direct result of the Ransomeware attack.

Ransomware continues to grow in the spotlight and many security firms are identifying it as a top-five threat.

New versions of ransomware are constantly appearing and users need to understand how to identify it and prevent it from infecting their systems.

60% of ransomware attacks are delivered through email as embedded links.

The below video has been put together by Datto, one of All Business IT’s backup system partners.

Kevin Mitnick’s who stars in this presentation explains clearly and concisely how to avoid “having a very bad day”.

The important message is that whilst this is a Microsoft Office 365 example any malicious link can cause a catastrophic outcome to your IT infrastructure.

Any simple click in an email or website link can cause a devastating Cybersecurity attack on your business and potentially anyone in your email contact list.

We urge you to forward this to your colleagues, customers, suppliers, family & friends to help educate and reduce costly infections.

All Business IT has many products that can help you decrease the pain such as Datto’s backupify for Office 365 and Gsuite

The Top Cybersecurity Tips

  • Regularly backup your systems
  • Maintain restorable recovery points
  • Make sure operating systems and 3rd party software is up to date
  • Limit network access
  • Install Anti Malware / Ransomware software
  • Run frequent scheduled security scans
  • Educate you and your team on Cybersecurity
  • Enforce strong password security

All is not lost!

We can help you with all of the above!

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Cybersecurity - Educate your team